PSPA/MTG-09/17/2019                                                                              Sep 16, 2019





Dear Sir,


  1. Minutes of the above mentioned Meeting are enclosed herewith for your perusal please.


  1. The following were present: –


  1. Mr. Waqas Khalid Vice Chairman,


  1. Sh. Nadeem Anwar Director,

                                                                    Hamza Industries

  1.    Sh. Kamran Yousaf                               Director,

                                                                                    Karachi Tube Mills

  1. Mr. Muhammad Hashim Director,

                                                                    Bashir Pipe Industries

  1. Mr. M.H.S. Kazmi C.E.O,                                                                                                                         Imran Pipe Mills
  2. Mr. Imran Mehboob Partner,

                                                                    Mehboob Tube Mills

  1. Sh. Raheem Yousaf Director,

                                                                    Karachi Tube Mills

  1. Mr. Kashif Inayat Director,                                                                                                                      Inayat Pipe Industries
  2. Mr. Amjad Sharif Director,

                                                                        A&A Pipe Industry

  1. Mr. Faisal Rauf Director,

                                                                        Samad Pipe Industries

  1. Mian Muhammad Javed C.E.O,

                                                                        Rahmat Steel

  1. Mr. Ahsan Rashid Director,

                                                                    Shaikh Pipe Mills

  1. Mr. Muhammad Ammar Director,

                                                                    Rizwan Industrial Corp.  

  1. Mr. Khawar Bari Director Marketing,

                                                                        International Industries Limited

  1. Mr. Sheraz Khan General Manager Sales,

                                                                        International Industries Limited




  1.       q. Mr. Ejaz Ahmad                                   Manager Liaison,

                                                                                    Crescent Steel & Allied Products

  1. Mr. Muhammad Asif Representative,

                                                                                    Crescent Steel & Allied Products

  1. Mr. Munir Hussain General Manager,

                                                                                    Rizwan Industrial Corp.

  1. Mr. Sumair Saeed                                   Representative

                                                                        Akhtar Ali & Associates

  1.   Brig. M. Ajmal Khan (Retd.).                Secretary General,                                                                                                       P.S.P.A.




  1. The Meeting started with the recitation from the Holy Quran by Mr. Ejaz Ahmed and was presided over by Mr. Waqas Khalid Vice Chairman of PSPA.


                  POINT/ DECISION                            ACTION/REMARKS.                 

         Approval of the Minutes of M.C. Meeting Held on Aug 07, 2019.


  1. The Secretary General P.S.P.A. went through Minutes of the M.C. Meeting held

on Aug 07, 2019. The Minutes were considered to be recorded correctly. Mr. Kashif Inayat proposed that the Minutes be approved. Mr. Imran Mehboob seconded the proposal. Thus, these Minutes were approved and signed as such.

Approval of Audit Report 2018-19.

  1. The Annual Audit Report for the year 2018-19 was scrutinized by the

Members and was found in order. Mr. M.H.S. Kazmi of Imran Pipe Mills (Pvt.) Ltd    

proposed that the Audit Report be approved. This was seconded by Mr. Amjad Sharif of A&A Pipe Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Hence the Annual Audit Report for the year              2018-19 was approved.

Additional Funds- Fee of Attorney.

  1. Nadeem Anwar was of the view that no Additional Funds were required for

getting the individual Registries of the 5 Rooms of PSPA office. He proposed that the Secretary General approaches Advocate Muhammad Ishnaq Sahou for cancellation of individual Registries and getting these 5 Rooms Registered again in the name of the Association as was done in 1995.  


Non Payment of Annual Subscription.


  1. The Secretary General pointed out that 6 to 8 Members had yet not paid the

Advance Annual Subscription for the year 2019-20. There was no reaction to this fact and it seems that there was no urgency on the part of any body to get this amount paid to PSPA.  

Elections -2019.

  1. The Secretary General told the Members that PSPA office had circulated an

E-mail received from Mr. Riaz Chinoy of International Industries Limited. Mr. Riaz Chinoy has proposed that Mr. Khawar Bari be made Vice Chairman of PSPA in 2019-20 and he be elected as Chairman of PSPA for year 2020-21. Sh. Nadeem Anwar reminded the Members that International Industries Limited had reached an agreement with PSPA in 2018 that they would give all out support to the PSPA Members on the Use/ Misuse of serial 5 of SRO 565. He was of the view that Mr. Riaz Chinoy and Mr. Khawar Bari be requested to come over to Lahore to discuss the issue of SRO 565 and finalize a written agreement in this regard. Secretary General was told to coordinate the holding of the negotiations on this subject.

Sh. Nadeem Anwar raised the point that the agenda points of the Managing Committee Meeting of September 04, 2019 were concerning the issues raised by Secretary General with regard to problems of the Association and no importance was being given to the serious issues of the Members with regard to procurement of Raw Material, non-availability of level playing field and the lack of efforts on the part of the Association towards the resolution of the problems faced by the Steel Pipe Manufacturers of PSPA. Consequently it was decided that immediate efforts will be made to seek a Meeting with Chairman FBR, a Meeting with DG Intelligence FBR and Member Customs FBR for getting some relief in the lop-sided disparity created Use/ Misuse of serial 5 of SRO 565. Secretary General was told to do the needful immediately.                            


Any Other Point.


  1. The Secretary General requested all the Members to forward their points by

middle of the month which they want to be included in the agenda points of the  Managing Committee Meeting to be held in succeeding month.


  1. There being no other point, the meeting came to an end with a vote of thanks

to the chair.



Thanking you,

Yours truly,



Brig. Muhammad Ajmal Khan (Retd.)

Secretary General P.S.P.A.

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