Minutes of the MC Meeting Jan 02, 2019

PSPA/MTG-09/01/2019                                                                        January 11, 2019






Dear Sir,


  1. Minutes of the above mentioned Meeting are enclosed herewith for your perusal please.


  1. The following were present: –


  1. Sh. Muhammad Akif Senior Vice Chairman,


  1. Mr. Waqas Khalid Vice Chairman,


  1. Sh. Nadeem Anwar Director,                                                                                                                                  A.N Industries           
  2. Sh. Kamran Yousaf                                Director,

                                                                                    Karachi Tube Mills

  1. Mr. Muhammad Hashim Director,

                                                                    Bashir Pipe Industries

  1. Mr. M.H.S. Kazmi C.E.O.                                     Imran Pipe Mills
  2. Malik Tariq Mehmood                            Managing Partner,

                                                                        Supreme Tube Industries                   

  1. Mr. Shahzad Yasin Director,

                                                                    Modern Pipe Mills

  1. Mr. Usman Raheem Director,

                                                                    Pak Pipe Steel Industries

  1. Mr. Qaisar Latif C.E.O,

                                                                    Ruby Steel Corp

  1. Mr. Kashif Inayat Director,                                     Inayat Pipe Industries
  2. Mr. Hammad Khalid Director,

                                                                    Sun Tube

  1. Mr. Ahsan Rashid Director,

                                                                    Shaikh Pipe Mills

  1. Sh. Raheem Yousaf Director,

                                                                    Karachi Tube Mills

  1. Mr. Munir Hussain General Manager,

                                                                                    Rizwan Industrial Corp.

  1. Brig. M. Ajmal Khan (Retd.).             Secretary General,                                                                                                       P.S.P.A.




  1. The Meeting started with the recitation from the Holy Quran by Mr. Shahzad

Yasin and was presided over by Sh. Muhammad Akif, Senior Vice Chairman of PSPA.   


                  POINT/ DECISION                            ACTION/REMARKS.                 

         Approval Of The Minutes Of M.C. Meeting Held On Dec 05, 2018.


  1. The Secretary General P.S.P.A. went through Minutes of the M.C. Meeting held

on Dec 05, 2018. The Minutes were considered to be recorded correctly. Mr. M.H.S Kazmi proposed that the Minutes be approved. Sh. Nadeem Anwar seconded the proposal. Thus, these Minutes were approved and signed as such by Senior Vice Chairman PSPA, Sh. Muhammad Akif.

Letter to FBR -Duty Structure on HRC /CRC, Galvanized Iron Coils /Sheets and Zink dated December 12, 2018.      

  1. The Secretary General informed the Meeting that a letter No. PSPA/FBR-

03/08/2018 dated December 12, 2018 had been written to the FBR. The letter contained the proposals to plug the revenue leakage in the unregistered sector of Steel Pipe Manufacturers. This will enable the organized sector to be competitive with the unorganized sector. It was now upto the Association to make a few visits to FBR so that these proposals are accepted and implemented at the earliest.     

EDB letters dated December 11 & 12, 2018.

  1. The Secretary General reminded the Members that replies to these letters have not been sent to the EDB. Secretary General requested the Members to forward the data to the Association so that the same can be sent to the EDB.


Ministry of Commerce letter.


  1. The Secretary General Informed the Meeting that the reply to the Ministry of Commerce letter No. 10(7)/2014-AO dated December 27, 2018 pertaining to the proposals for promoting /enhancing the exports may be prepared and sent to the Association so that the same can be forwarded to the Ministry of Commerce.




The Appointment of Auditors.


  1. The Secretary General informed the Meeting that Yameen Riaz & Co was not appointed Auditors for the financial year 2018-19. Javaid Jalal Amjad & Co have now been appointed as Auditors of the Association.


Fixation of price for Conduit Pipes.


  1. This was the main point of discussion during the Meeting. A long and heated discussion took place but the Members didn’t reach any decision with regard to the fixation of price for Conduit Pipes. All the Members decided to form a committee which will discuss the matter extensively and make recommendations within ten days time and forward the same to the Association. the names of the Members of the sub-committee are as under;
    1. Qaisar Latif
    2. Raheem Yousaf
    3. Shahzad Yasin
    4. Waqas Khalid
    5. Munir Hussain

Mr. Waqas Khalid and Mr. Qaisar Latif were designated as coordinators.


Advance payments to the skilled labourers.


  1. Couple of Members raised the matter of advance payments being made to the

skilled employees. These skilled employees at times are offered employment by other Steel Pipe Manufacturing Industries at higher salaries. These skilled employees leave the parent industries without clearing advance payments made to them. This causes financial loss to the industries that they leave as these advance payments are generally never settled. Couple of other Members suggested that the only solution to this problem was  not to make advance payments to the skilled employees at all which they had successfully done.      

Any Other Point.


  1. There being no other point, the meeting came to an end with a vote of thanks

to the chair.


Thanking you,

Yours truly,



Brig. Muhammad Ajmal Khan (Retd.)

Secretary General P.S.P.A.

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